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Many people have questions about insurance. On this page we will give you some money saving tips, answer some common questions and also provide links to other sites that might meet your needs or interest.


  1. Figure out what type of insurance you are considering and decide if you need it.
  2. Look at various policy options and decide which one is right for you.
  3. Decide where you will buy.  There are many options.  On your own visit the web for comparison shopping.  Work with an agent like Lee Harvey, for professional advice and service that meets your personal needs.


  • Make annual or bi-annual payments usually lower than monthly payments.
  • Buy several different types of insurance from the same company for discounted rates.
  • Take steps to make claims more unlikely such as deadbold locks or taking a safe driving course.
  • When shopping consider checking group policies, offered by alumni associations, professional associations or religious bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions
Updated periodically, so be sure to check back!

Q: What is insurance?
A: Insurance by definition is coverage by contract whereby one party undertakes to indemify or guaranty a loss by a specified contingency or peril.

Q: What is the purpose of insurance?
A: The purpose of all insurance is to protect yourself or your family against the financial impact of a tragedy.  It is not to help your budget expenses, but to protect you against the truly catastrophic financial loss.
Q: How can I purchase insurance?
A: One way is go to an agent whom you explain your situation and trust him/her to suggest the insurance that is right for you.  Another way is to do it on your own.  You research the various types of policies available, decide what you need, then comparison shop the various companies.

Q: What are the advantages in the insurance shopping process?
A: The advantage of using an agent is that an honest and compotent one can review your situation and make suggestions that may save you both valuable time and money.  The advantage of doing it yourself is that you can sometimes find the same amount of coverage for a lower cost.
Q: What is the difference in using a captive agent and independent insurance agent.?
A: A captive agent maybe limited and only sell coverage with one company, however an independent agent represent several companies and maybe better able to meet your individual and diverse needs.

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